What is Mubakkir

Mubakkir presents a suite of individually conducted assessments, tailored to aid schools and teachers in evaluating early readers’ performance across critical pre-literacy, and early literacy skills. Mubakkir empowers educators and administrators to collect student data efficiently, enabling the implementation of effective instructional approaches and intervention strategies.

Created through a partnership between Diglossia and the Arab Thought Foundation, Mubakkir serves as a pivotal tool in promoting early literacy skills among young learners, aligning with the foundation’s mission to enhance Arabic teaching, and learning on a global scale. The Mubakkir assessment also adheres to the rigorous Arabic reading level standards established by Dr. Hanada Taha, Endowed Chair of Arabic Language at Zayed University. These standards, widely adopted by over 100 Arabic children’s literature publishers, affirm Mubakkir’s effectiveness.

As a foundational assessment tool, Mubakkir provides teachers with detailed data from test bundles. This information equips teachers with valuable diagnostic insights, enabling them to offer meaningful developmental feedback to each student. Additionally, Mubakkir facilitates the development of personalised, data-based support and intervention strategies. 

Furthermore, Mubakkir serves as a progress-monitoring tool, simplifying the tracking of student advancement. Teachers can easily access a continuous record of student progress in meeting benchmark requirements for six to ten essential pre-reading and early reading skills. These skills, identified by experts, are fundamental for developing reading fluency in young learners.

Key Features

Tailored for both native and non-native Arabic learners, ranging from beginner to intermediate proficiency levels

Each session is efficiently designed to take just 2-3 minutes, accommodating busy schedules

Regular one-on-one interaction ensures a continuous record of progress

Mobile app available for iOS and Android devices, usable online or offline for convenient learning

Intuitive online dashboard for teachers enables easy session review, progress tracking, and report generation

Dedicated administrator dashboard for system-wide progress tracking

Detailed graphical reports offer individual diagnostic profiles and longitudinal growth charts, providing comprehensive insight into each learner’s development.

Built in Partnership with the Arab Thought Foundation

Mubakkir, developed by Diglossia in collaboration with the Arab Thought Foundation, aims to foster early literacy skills in young learners. This initiative is integral to the foundation’s mission of enhancing the teaching and learning of the Arabic language across the Arabic-speaking-world. Funding for the assessment is provided by the Arabi 21 Project, a visionary project focused on Arab culture, education, and renaissance. The initiative envisions a future where every Arab citizen has access to educational opportunities throughout their life.